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Wealth Planning

  • Wealth planning is a comprehensive process of structuring your wealth while building it, preserving it in order to transfer it to the next generation tax-optimised.

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  • Wealth planning is a mix of financial planning, wealth structuring and protection, tax planning and legal issues, estate planning and business succession planning, fiduciary services and relates to your total worldwide wealth.

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  • Recent radical changes in the legal, tax and financial environment worldwide require constant monitoring of wealth planning strategies to preserve and increase wealth.

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  • In an increasingly complex market and regulatory landscape, our primary aim is to advise and support our Clients and their families with long-term wealth planning solutions based on our own expertise and our network of external high-quality specialists so you can confidently look to the future.

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Financial planning

An integral part of wealth planning is a financial planning.

The types of financial planning involved in this type of planning include comprehensive assets and liabilities analysis, budgeting, cash-flow planning and risk management.

We will work together with you to analyze your current financial situation, including the structure of all your assets and liabilities, all relevant cash-flow considerations and constraints taking all spectrums of risks into account.

An extremely important part of financial planning is smart budgeting. Without a handle on spending and an understanding of investments, an individual can lose wealth quickly. Financial planning can help an individual or family to plan a budget and control spending by identifying long-term financial goals that you want to achieve. Financial planning can help to identify unnecessary spending or possible savings that could help to stop a gradual and pointless loss in wealth. Budgeting can help an individual with an unclear vision of his financial future to define his financial goals and to plan the steps necessary to achieve them.

Wealth structuring

Correct wealth structuring can help to safeguard the longevity of your wealth over generations and to improve efficiency of your asset allocation and administration.

After making a thorough analysis of your situation, we can help you to choose and set up the appropriate wealth structure to hold your personal and business assets. We provide complete solutions covering structuring and protection of both financial and non-financial assets, from portfolio of market financial instruments and shares in family businesses to private jets, yachts and real estate.

Tax planning and legal issues

No planning is complete without comprehensive and far-sighted tax planning.

Nowadays tax and legal issues have become increasingly complex as you can have businesses in several jurisdictions, members of your family might reside in different countries, have different citizenships or own real estate abroad. All this requires in-depth and thorough expertise of tax legislation of different countries and their interrelationship.

We constantly review international tax legislation such as double taxation treaties and private international law and also analyse local tax legislations of our Clients’ home jurisdictions in order to stay ahead of changes and provide our Clients with the best possible tax planning solutions.

Estate planning

Transfer of your wealth is an extremely important process that requires a long-term approach, careful preparation and preliminary planning.

Each case is unique and depending on your personal circumstances, individual objectives and your constraints our specialists in collaboration with very experienced lawyers can help you to develop and implement a plan that takes all relevant factors into account and ensures a smooth transition of your family wealth from one generation to another.

Business succession planning

Business succession planning is the strategy for passing on leadership roles and often the ownership of your company to the next generations.

A business succession plan is critically important as it helps to secure the financial future of your businesses and ensure they continue to run smoothly after you decide to pass your leadership role, move on to new opportunities, retire or in case you pass away.

Fiduciary & Trust services

We provide our Clients with comprehensive advisory and assistance with establishing trusts, foundations, private trust companies, family trust companies, partnerships and other legal entities and legal vehicles used to hold and transfer your assets worldwide.

We closely work with our trusted partners (leading lawyers, accounting and tax specialists, regulated trust companies and other advisers) in multiple jurisdictions in order to offer the best possible fiduciary services and wealth planning solutions to our Clients.

Our support includes not only the establishment of legal structures but also a wide range of administrative tasks and legal issues.

Please note that wealth planning services are considered to be non-regulated activities which do not require FCA authorisation