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Customized portfolio management

For our Clients who prefer completely personalized approach with the higher requirement for initial investments we provide alternative investment management via separately managed individual accounts under our customized portfolio management.

Our customized portfolio management covers 4 major alternative asset classes: private equity, credit, real assets and hedge funds and is executed from separately managed individual accounts opened in a Client’s own name in one of our trusted, world class custodians located in various reputable jurisdictions (Switzerland, United Kingdom, Singapore and some others).
Depending on individual preferences, risk tolerance, liquidity constraints and returns’ expectations we elaborate completely bespoke alternative investment strategies for our Clients. The bespoke alternative investment strategies can be also combined with the list of our specifically designed alternative investment strategies within our preferred alternative asset classes.
Under our customized portfolio management our Clients depending on their approach to investment process can adapt the level of their involvement by choosing one of two possible investment management mandates which we provide: discretionary portfolio management or advisory portfolio management.

Discretionary portfolio management

Advisory portfolio management