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Tax planning and legal issues

No planning is complete without comprehensive and far-sighted tax planning.

Nowadays tax and legal issues have become increasingly complex as you can have businesses in several jurisdictions, members of your family might reside in different countries, have different citizenships or own real estate abroad. All this requires in-depth and thorough expertise of tax legislation of different countries and their interrelationship.

We constantly review international tax legislation such as double taxation treaties and private international law and also analyse local tax legislations of our Clients’ home jurisdictions in order to stay ahead of changes and provide our Clients with the best possible tax planning solutions.

Our specialists in conjunction with leading tax consultants and lawyers analyze your current and future tax exposure along your “financial lifecycle,” taking into account all recent changes in tax legislation and likely changes to your financial situation as you progress through life. We analyze your assets and liabilities for any favorable tax opportunities, and assess your personal and business affairs in terms of potential tax-related consequences. We also advise you on the tax impact of a change of residence, real estate investment, corporate succession, or any other financial event with potential tax implications.

Together we explore and elaborate different options to minimize your taxable income and overall tax base in a legitimate way and take maximum advantages by applying different tax optimization strategies. For that purpose we also advise you on establishing trusts, foundations and other legal vehicles in order to optimize your tax spending and maximize the assets your beneficiaries will inherit.

Through our tax planning services we will work in collaboration with leading tax professionals in various jurisdictions to incorporate tax planning into your overall wealth plan.