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Strategic advisory

We help our Clients’ businesses with strategic and tactical advice in elaborating strategies on maximizing the value of their businesses, increasing the efficiency of operations, identifying opportunities for business improvement and options for successful implementation of a range of transactions.

Our strategic advisory services include the following:

  • Corporate strategy development. We work with our Clients in evaluating which direction to drive their business, that is: should the company grow organically or via acquisitions? Does it make sense to diversify into new markets or expand the existing product range?
  • Business review and planning. We discuss with our Clients and ascertain how business performance is being measured. This can be done through reviewing the budget process and preparing more realistic budgets and forecasts. We work with Clients on a regular basis to put together a robust business plan and financial model
  • Market research on sectors and regions. We are able to provide our Clients with a clear understanding of the opportunities and potential threats when considering market entry into new sectors or geographical areas