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Corporate Advisory

  • For our Clients - owners of privately held and family companies we provide corporate advisory services focused on their businesses including advising on strategic issues and business planning, advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), purchasing or selling businesses, advising on restructurings and reorganizations, advising on capital markets and capital structure issues.
  • We can support and advise your family business at every stage of its life cycle and on any transaction - whether you are looking to sell your business, make an acquisition, merge with other company, make a restructuring, raise funding or float your business on a stock exchange, we can help you.
  • Our professionals work closely with various global and local financial institutions, lawyers and stock brokers to offer our Clients a seamless, integrated service.

Strategic advisory

We help our Clients’ businesses with strategic and tactical advice in elaborating strategies on maximizing the value of their businesses, increasing the efficiency of operations, identifying opportunities for business improvement and options for successful implementation of a range of transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions advisory

We provide our Clients with the integrated advice in connection with the structuring of different transactions that involve a change in the ownership of their companies or businesses including: mergers and acquisitions, business disposals and acquisitions, defense preparation and bid defenses, demergers and spin-offs, joint ventures and strategic alliances, privatizations, shareholder reorganizations and other transactions.

We form close relationships with our Clients, acting as a trusted adviser for their businesses, offering them hands-on guidance, tailored advice and deep expertise as they navigate their most important transactions and strategic decisions.

Restructuring advisory

We provide our Clients’ businesses with the critical, unbiased and independent advice on a wide variety of corporate restructuring issues, on complex balance sheet, transformational and distressed situations.

We support our Clients’ businesses through operational turnaround and financial restructurings during in-court and out-of-court procedures.

Capital markets advisory

We provide support to our Clients’ businesses regarding the effective management of their capital structures offering an independent, objective advice on a wide range of financing issues.

Ensuring that your business is properly funded is essential to guarantee its future success and growth. Financing may be needed to fund organic growth, specific projects, acquisitions and some value realization.

We help you to better understand all the range of funding options existing in capital markets, to consider the pros and cons of each possible option and to define the most appropriate to your business situation.