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Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is focused on achieving long-term investment goals while assuming the least possible amount of risk across alternative asset classes.

Our investment philosophy is built on the following approach:

  • Understanding our Clients’ risk profile, returns’ expectations, liquidity constraints, tolerance to losses, knowledge and experience is fundamentally important in ensuring that we are able to offer the most suitable investment strategy for our Clients across the range of specifically designed alternative investment strategies within our preferred alternative asset classes or, if needed, to build a truly customized investment portfolio that is appropriate for a specific Client’s preferences
  • Following our principle of open architecture, we always provide our Clients with the best possible investment solutions in the market by using either our own in-house investment strategies or external providers’ investment products
  • We keep to disciplined “value investing” approach aiming to avoid emotionally driven investment decisions by performing deep and comprehensive analysis before investing in order to ensure sustainable long-term returns
  • We combine top-down macroeconomic analysis – to evaluate across a range of alternative asset classes – and rigorous bottom-up micro analysis to establish the most appropriate blend of investment vehicles within our preferred alternative asset classes
  • We only invest in alternative assets classes which we understand and which we have a deep expertise in so we can anticipate how these assets’ classes should perform at different points in the market cycles
  • Though we avoid excessive risks we are prepared to be contrarian to the momentary or short-term market trends in order to strictly follow our long–term investment strategy
  • We invest across the globe and diversify our investments among different alternative asset classes. This is essential in order to maximize returns while minimizing risks. Our diversification principle is at the same time based of not overriding the selection of good long-term and more concentrated investments versus poor or inefficient but much diversified investments
  • We avoid fixating on market benchmarks in favor of an absolute returns approach regardless of current market trends
  • We constantly monitor our investments and analyze their effectiveness over time in order to ensure they deliver to us the expected risk adjusted returns