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Alternative Investment Management

In a frequently changing market environment managing investments requires time and deep expertise, markets and solutions are becoming more complex and considerable involvement and professional analysis are needed.

It is getting increasingly harder to achieve above average or superior investment returns using traditional investments in public markets, that is why we are fully focused and specialize on providing our Clients with alternative investments which in the longer time horizon can yield more attractive and sustainable returns for investors.

We offer our Clients various alternative investment strategies within 4 major alternative asset classes: private equity, credit, real assets and hedge funds.

We provide alternative investment management to our Clients either via collective investment vehicles under our investment funds management or via separately managed individual accounts under our customized portfolio management.

Under our customized portfolio management our Clients depending on their approach to investment process can adapt the level of their involvement by choosing one of two possible investment management mandates which we provide: discretionary portfolio management or advisory portfolio management.

Alternative Investments vs Traditional Investments

What are the differences between alternative and traditional investments?

Alternative investments

Traditional investments

General definition
Investments in a wide range of private, less accessible and less liquid assets and investment strategies aimed to exploit inefficiencies in public markets by using advanced investment techniques for traditional assets
Investment strategies focused only on investments in traditional assets (equities, bonds, etc.) traded in public markets
Major asset classes
Private Equity, Credit, Real Assets (real estate and infrastructure), Hedge Funds
Equities, Bonds
Available in both private and public markets
Traded only in public markets
Potential returns & risks
In the long run much higher, diversified and sustainable potential returns which are not directly correlated with global public markets’ movements and economic cycles
Potential returns are fully correlated with global public markets’ movements and economic cycles and rarely represent above average or superior investment returns
Usually less liquid investments
Usually very liquid investments
Investment style
Active shareholders or bondholders / creditors with significant influence on issuers / companies and sometimes may even act as the major / sole companies’ shareholder and major or sole companies’ bondholder & creditor
Shareholders or bondholders are passive investors with minor influence on issuers / companies